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Roselie Padilla | 19 | Filipina | Nice, Kind & Sweet | In Relationship | I love My Family & Friends | I love Hello Kitty | Eiffel Tower, Paris | Fashion | Chocolates & Flowers-Rose | Pizza,Pasta & Frappe | I DO BELIEVE IN GOD ♥
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It's been 3years since we first met during High School Days, we're not a High School Friends but we turn to High School Sweethearts.♥ At first, you smile at me and there it goes, we become close to each other and turns to Friends. After 1 month of getting to know each other, visit to my house, ask the permision of my parents and then you start courting me. And another 1 month pass again, I give the sweeties YES that you've been waiting for and the memorable day of our love begins, June 12, 2010 and still counting thru FOREVER. photo love-1.jpg
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